Matanuska-Susitna Borough

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Notice: Address Search Issues

Because of a database change, Address Searches that use a full address, require the directional, if it exists. If you do not know the directional, you can do a partial search.

For example, if your address is 14108 E Outer Springer Lp, but you didn't know there was an East Directional; you could search for 14108 --or-- Outer Springer, which would bring out your desired address along with other nearby addresses.

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Owner / Buyer Search

  • The borough database lists the last name first, so if you want to search for 'Bill Jones', enter: 'Jones Bill'
  • If you do not know the first name, or it is commonly shortened (like 'Bill' for 'William') try entering a part of the name.
  • You can search for all or a part of a name, If you enter 'William' it would return all users who have 'William' in their name. This would include all of the following: William Jones, Todd Williams and Bill McWilliams

Address Search

  • This is the parcel's street address.
  • You can enter all or part of a address.
  • If you are looking for '141 E. Outer Springer Way' any of the follow searches would find it (and a whole lot more)
    • 141 E. Outer Springer Way
    • 141 E. Outer Springer
    • 141
    • 141 Outer Springer
    • Outer Springer
    • Springer

Subdivision / Subdivision ID Search

  • The Subdivision Name Search will accept all or part of a Subdivision Name
  • You may also use a Subdivision ID, a four digit number shared by all parcels in a subdivision.

Tax ID / Parcel ID Search

  • The Tax ID, also known as the the Account ID, may be found on your tax bill.
  • The Parcel ID is another method to search myProperty. It is a unique 5 digit number.
  • These fields will accept all or a part of a Tax ID or Parcel ID.